Anime Catching Simulator Codes (2024) Trello, Discord & Weapons

Anime Catching Simulator Codes has become the talk of the town, owing to its innate representation of anime characters. Online players throughout the globe are seen tussling with each other over the apprehension of anime.

Nevertheless, this is extremely arduous and only a few individuals are able to triumphantly declare themselves as the winner. For such players, there are some codes to be utilized and they make it extremely easy for players to win. Here, we shall be unearthing all such active as well as expired codes through Anime Catching Simulator Wiki.

Uses of Anime Catching Simulator Codes

As far as the use of these codes is concerned, it ranges from simply getting emblems to receiving weapons. A case in point is that typing Anime Catching Simulator Secret Weapons will provide you with those weapons, which are not available to other common players. Furthermore, there are some secondary uses of these codes too, as they tend to bring about betterment to the gameplay.

Anime Catching Simulator Codes

Latest Anime Catching Simulator Codes

250KLIKES – This code is going to provide you with a lot of boosts including 5 Lucky Boosts, Immortal Bunny Hero, 5 Money Boosts, and 5 Power Boosts.

SOCIAL – This code will give you, 500 Title Tokens, 10K Toilets Coins, and 2 Summer Tokens.

SKIBIDI – To avail of 100 Skibidi Toilets Pieces, enter this code.

UPDATE2 – To burgeon your level and to get 5 x1.5 Money Boosts, 5 Lucky Boosts, and 5 2x Power Boosts, immediately put this code.

DISCORDREWARD – This code will be assisting you with 15 Dust and 15 min Lucky Boost.

NEWGAME – To get rich and earn 7.77K Money, enter this code.

IAASTTCODE  Put this code to claim 50 Boss Tokens, 10 Summer Super Tokens, and 10 Ultra Balls.

JUSTAJOKE  To claim 100 Summer Coins, you had better put in this code.

FAKECODE  This code will also give you 100 Summer Coins.

THISISAFAKECODE  Among various similar codes, this will also provide 100 Summer Coins.

CANYOUFINDIT  This code will add something to your wealth via 100 Summer Coins.

SUMMEREVENTS  To get a whopping 1K Summer Coins and Toilet Noob, you had better use it.

500SOULS – To gain insight into 500 Souls, enter this code.

20KCCU – To relish free rewards, put this code in Anime Catching Simulator.

NEWSEASON – This code will also cheer you up with free rewards.

DISCORDREWARD2 – Free rewards, can also be gained through code.

FIXBUG1 – To witness 5 Immortal Bunny Hero, this particular code is used.


As far as the expired codes are concerned, there exists solely one expired code, which is given below:

50KLikes – This code will let you enjoy Dust (30) and Power Boost (2x).

Also, check some other codes:

FAQs About Anime Catching Simulator Codes

How Many Worlds Are There In This Game?

There are various worlds in this game, including Empty Dimension, Destiny Island, Slayer Army, Land Of Alchemy, Crazy Town, 9 Crimes Island, XYZ Metropolis, Super Island, Hero Academy, Walled City, Ninja Village, Cursed High, and a lot of other minor worlds.

How Can Gems Be Availed In Anime Catching Simulator?

Gems are the virtual currency of this online game, which are supposed to be given to the users for good deeds. In other words, performing stunts provides gems to the gamer, which can be used for considerable activities.

In Anime Catching Simulator, How To Get Dust?

To get dust, there are arduous stages to be completed. However, there is a simple solution to this problem also, and that is to activate codes. There are plenty of codes for dust and putting any of them will bring a lot of dust to your domain.

What Hurts More To The Bosses In This Game?

As bosses are extremely mighty creatures, they are supposed to be dealt with in a particular way. Therefore, there is a trick that can unleash your full potential. This trick is to use all of your skills simultaneously, and attack the boss with a single blow.

What Is The Easiest Way To Improve My Skills In This Game?

There are multiple ways to enhance Anime Catching Simulator Skills, but the easiest way is to use codes. These codes will give you skills tokens, which are going to burgeon your skills score. Additionally, it will maximize your ability to apprehend unique anime.