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Temple Run Oz Mod Apk is an endless running game, where you will have to go through numerous locations — mountains, skies, jungles, cities, and farms. To survive, you are chased by some monkey-like creatures. You can alter between many avatars and players and get a bevy of bonuses on the way.

Temple Run OZ Mod Apk

Although games have been prevailing for a long period, running games are the latest harbinger of the advanced era. As they are significantly the product of touch-screen smartphones. Among these jim-dandy running games, Temple Run holds a lion’s share in this category.

There have different installments of the game been released intermittently, but Temple Run Oz Mod Apk is the most-liked and sensational game. Basically, it was inspired by a movie and portrayed the same story as the game. The story begins, as your character stoles an ancient idol from an antique cave.

However, there are some protectors in that cave, which have turned into your foes and are willing to kill you at the very first chance. Hence, you will have to run for your life and survival, through difficult, yet adventurous paths. Even if you get caught, you will be pleased and relaxed at the end of the day.

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Temple Run OZ MOD Features

These are some of the phenomenal features of this game:

Highly Addictive and Engaging:

Games do not become addictive without any reason as there are several factors, which play their roles. Of course, these factors are so compelling and engaging, that gamers are forced to play the game again and again. So is the case with Temple Run Oz Mod Apk Latest Version 2024, which is extremely addictive and engaging.

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Intuitive and Easy Controls:

Have you ever wondered, why we play games? Of course, to get relaxed and relish our time. But, unfortunately, nowadays, games have been turned into a mess, by the incorporation of too much complexity of controls and gameplay. In this way, games give headaches rather than amusement.

Nevertheless, in Temple Run Oz Endless Running, just by swiping, and tapping, you can unleash ultimate amusement. Indeed, it is the most pacifying game, you would ever find over the internet.

Collect Coins to Power Up:

While you are running for your survival through numerous arduous passages, you will be rewarded on the way too. This reward comes in the form of coins, which are available in seamless streaks.

Between these common coins, sometimes special bonuses can also be gained to get special powers. The more you collect the coins, the more you will feel boosted and powdered up.

Numerous Dope Environments:

The location or territory matters a lot in everything. Whether it is a movie, drama, or video game, locations always hold a competitive space.

Therefore, there are several locations in this brilliant game, such as Whimsie Woods, Dark Forest, Winkie Country, and Emerald City. Besides these locations, there are some other locations too, which are accessible lately.

Echoing and Exciting Sounds:

The grunts, shrieks, and background music, everything touches the perfection on its own horizon. Each and every step (even the minor step) has its peculiar sound, which keeps on echoing in the ears for a longer period of time. For instance, whether you jump or slip, each step will have its own (real-life recorded) sound effect.

Tips and Tricks to Play Temple Run OZ Online

  • Rather than collecting coins, you must focus on covering the maximum distance — covering distance is far better than collecting money
  • Be agile and active all the time, even the slightest mistake can cost your life, so keep your eyes on the track
  • Do not miss any peculiar bonus, such as green coins — as these objects make you invincible and unstoppable
  • You cannot survive playing easily and relaxed — you will have to perform somewhat arduous activities — try to jump and try simultaneously
  • Do not stick to a single character for a longer period of time, as it affects the progress and bonuses. Therefore keep on changing characters in your running voyage
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Temple Run Oz Apk Download

Name Temple Run Oz Mod Apk
Publisher Disney /Imangi Studios
Category Arcade Running
Version 1.19.3
Size 65 Mb
Price Free of cost
Special Feature Mod Unlocked
Get it on Google Play Store

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Facts About Endless Temple Run OZ

  • There are about 4 inimitable locations: Whimsie Woods, Dark Forest, Winkie Country, and Emerald City, which are completely different from each other
  • Temple Run is a masterpiece, which was created by husband-and-wife team Keith Shepherd and Natalia Lukyanova
  • This installment of the game is based on a movie, “Oz: The Great and Powerful” which was released in 2013 by Disney
  • Temple Run Oz Disney has received 7.7 ratings out of 10 on a renowned platform: IMDb

Mod Unlocked:

Although the game holds perfection in its zone, there are some shortcomings, which need to be rectified. Besides shortcomings, there must be some additional features, which could distinguish a gamer from the rest of the gamers. These features are being offered by the mod version of the game, which can be installed by installing this Apk file. It has a lot of awesome features:

Unlimited Coins — coins are extremely crucial, as they are used to burgeon the position and protection of the player. But gaining coins is not that easy, because they cost the life of the player at times. However, by merely installing Temple Run Oz Mod Apk Unlimited Coins, you can avail immeasurable money.

Unlimited Gems — gems have somewhat the same use and advantage as of coins. Hence they are extremely important and can be achieved by downloading a modified version of the game: Temple Run Oz Mod Apk Unlimited Gems. Furthermore, you can procure items unlimitedly via Temple Run Oz Free Purchase.

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Temple Run Oz Mod Apk is known to be the best arcade running game with brilliant features. With easy and simple controls, this game is highly addictive and engaging. With numerous dope locations, one can be amused by scintillating graphics and echoing sounds. To put everything in a nutshell, we may say, that this game is a must-try and the greatest of all time.

General FAQs

Is this game available for PC or laptop? If yes, then how can I play it?

Currently, there is no such version of the game, that can be played on PC or laptop. However, if you really want to relish Temple Run: Oz Disney, then you can make use of mobile emulators, which will allow you to play the game in PC.

What is the motive behind the development of this game?

This game is based on Disney’s renowned movie, “OZ: The Great and Powerful (2013)” and the story of this movie serves as the motive or driving force behind the popularity and development of this game.

Why is this game not available on Google Play Store any longer?

Since the platforms (Play Store, Apple Store etcetera) have asked publishers to comply with and fulfil the latest standards, many publishers removed some of their games. Because such games were not profitable to them anymore. Disney was also one of those, which removed Temple Run: Oz, but you do not have to worry, because it is still available on this website.