Queen Pink WhatsApp v43 (Download Free For Android/iOS)

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9 Nov 2023
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Android 4.4 and higher
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Pink WhatsApp is the queen of all the existing mods of WhatsApp. Built uniquely and perfectly, it has millions of features at your fingertips. To keep your social journey seamlessly going, immediately get Pink WhatsApp GB Download.

About Queen Pink WhatsApp

Omar Badeeh is a renowned Arabic developer who always steals the limelight for his ever-new mod applications. Queen Pink WhatsApp is also one of the finest masterpieces, which comes with a wide range of features.

The title of the app shows it all and, in our case, both the words “queen” and “pink” refer to the female gender. So, the major motive behind making this mod was nothing but women. Psychologically, women are attracted to the pink color and thereby a pink theme will be observed in Pink WhatsApp Plus.

Whatsap- queen

However, it will also be unjustified if we only take this aspect into account while leaving the rest of the aspects. It has countless benefits when compared to the common version of the app. These benefits have been elaborated ahead.

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Mod Features of Queen Pink WhatsApp Latest Version

If one relinquishes the original app and installs Queen Pink WhatsApp, then these features will be given:

Ultra High-resolution Media

The only factor that sucks in WhatsApp is lowering the quality of the media sent through it. To obliterate the issue, Queen Pink WhatsApp has just jumped in and announced the good news. Neither will quality be lowered nor will it hurt the pixels anymore.

Control Over Group Joining Invites

Are you sick and tired of getting unwanted group invites again and again? If yes, then we’re here with an ultimate solution to halt such invites. There is a feature in this mod, with which you can have complete control over getting invites or not.

Enabled Fingerprint Lock

Even if your phone has a fingerprint lock, some mods do not support such secured locks. Contrarily, this jaw-dropping variant is going to cheer you up with its eye-catching fingerprint feature. Besides, QR codes and other scanning elements are also appreciated here.

Direct Call Without Saving

Why indulge in saving somebody’s number when you can directly call him? Hooray! Just enter Queen Pink WhatsApp and tap the dialer. From there, directly hit the contact and make calls limitlessly. The same procedure goes for messaging somebody who is not on your contact list.

Wide Range of Documents

Whether you are struggling with sending PDF files, word documents, PPT files, excel sheets, etc. this mod will always stand by your side. A wide range of documents is not only supported but also passes through end-to-end encryption passage without any size limit.

Fascinating Thematic Colors

Although the green color of WhatsApp is quite soothing, watching it again and again has fed us up. Now, a change in thematic colors has given a new attire to this app and everyone gets sparkled while using it.

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No Typing Indicators

Perhaps one of the most awkward moments is when you take a long time to type something and then do not send it. The recipient, who was waiting for a long time to receive your message, does not get anything. What would happen if we could type without such embarrassing indicators? It would have been the perfect moment, and this is what you will see in this pink messenger.

Read Deleted Messages

No suspense is bigger than the suspense we build when someone deletes a message before we have even read it. Therefore, from now on, your heartbeat will not augment on such useless objectives. You will be able to read all those messages, which were long before deleted.

Enhanced Sharing Limits

There is no need to send files after chopping them off. Because with this eye-catching app, now larger files can be sent; enjoy extended limits on PDFs, videos, audio, everything. The limits on these data files have been taken to gigabytes from megabytes.

Schedule Auto-messenger

If you are tied up in something valuable or you just don’t want to message someone, we will help you in both cases. Here you are introduced to a unique feature known as “auto-messenger” and with this remarkable app, you will be able to send someone messages without even touching your phone. All you have to do is to set a schedule and the rest of the task will be tackled by this pink magic.

Queen Pink WhatsApp Download

To download this mod, you had better cling to these steps:

  • Click on the download button and get the APK file in your device’s storage.
  • Grant some preliminary permissions and click on that downloaded APK file.
  • It should start installing automatically and once it is installed, click on the icon.
  • Woohoo! Queen Pink WhatsApp is at your service.
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Winding up

With multiple superb features like staunch control, and high-resolution quality, this pink mod is superior to the rest of the mods. Thereby, it provides a somewhat enhanced and modified experience to the users, who can now read the deleted messages and enable an automatic message sender. Besides, there are no restrictions on sending larger files through this pink platform.

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FAQs about Queen Pink WhatsApp

Apart From The Pink Color Of This App, Is There Any Other Difference?

The answer lies within this question as every single feature of FM Pink WhatsApp is far different from other mods. Yet those previously existing features are also available in it.

How To Download Queen Pink WhatsApp?

Queen Pink WhatsApp Download 2023 is so easy; simply download the above APK file. Install this downloaded file manually and grant all the permissions like microphone, call, storage, location, etc.

Is Pink GB Free Of Cost Or Paid?

Getting this modified, pink-colored social app is easy as well as free of cost. One has to pay nothing but a little time to download the APK file manually. Meanwhile, some on-site ads may prolong the process.