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Plants vs Zombies Heroes Mod Apk is a city in which brutal zombies attacked. They visit the houses and eat the brains of all of the survivors. Your project is to develop special plant life to prevent zombies are seeking to reach your private home.

To make the gameplay even extra exciting, there are around 49 zombies eating plant life every coming with their personal respective talents and there are around 29 zombies available. You may shape the proper approach lift the military with the best of the flora and go into warfare against the zombies.

The sport brings collectively various modes: journey, puzzle, Zen lawn, and dozens of mini-video games, which include additional modes after launch such as Wall-nut Bowling and Vase Breaking.

Download Plants vs Zombies Mod Apk Unlimited Sun For Android

Plants vs Zombies Heroes Mod Apk

Zombie vs Plant mod apk is the best zombie game ever. It starts with a group of people living in a peaceful village. A zombie apocalypse suddenly happens, and the group of people is. you earn from plants. This game is all about plants and zombies. You can have a diverse set of plants to protect your base from attacking zombies. The zombies are smarter than ever. They will do everything possible to attack you.

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Plants VS Zombies Heroes Mod Apk All Plants Unlocked

  • You must be careful while choosing the plants to defend yourself.
  • They can jump over your plants, sneak through your defenses, and even eat your brains.
  • The zombies will also make use of many different tactics to win the battle against you.
  • You must stay alert and make sure they don’t succeed in their plans.
  • You should look for the best plant to get rid of them.
  • There are plenty of plants in this game that you can choose from to defeat the zombies.
  • The goal of this game is to protect your plants from being eaten by these brain-eating zombies.
  • If the zombies manage to eat your plants, then you lose the game.
  • The game has over 60 kinds of plants for you to choose from.
  • There are also many zombies for you to kill, there are more than 15 types of zombies for you to fight against in this mod game.
  • The player gets to use various types of power-ups like bomb blasts, ice blasts, etc to kill all the zombies easily before they reach your home’s doorsteps
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Zombie Vs Plant MOD Features

Stop the Zombie Invasion

Zombies are invading your windows! There is no one to save you this time, except for your brain and the plants. You will just need to use the power of plants to stop the zombie’s invasion. The aim of the game is simple, you just need to kill off all the zombies with the help of your plants and defend your home.

Modes of Game

Plants vs Zombies has a really interesting game There are various modes in this game that increase its attractiveness. These modes are Adventure, Survival, Mini-games, Zen Garden, and Challenges. In these modes, the player will face different types of zombies so there won’t be any boredom for sure.

Different Locations

The game offers three different locations including the backyard, front lawn, and rooftop. Each location comes with its unique backdrop. The backyard has colorful flowers whereas the front lawn has a grassy look and the rooftop has a view of city skyscrapers. As you move from one location to another location, there will be more difficult levels that require more strategy and better timing to win over zombies

Tons of Customization Options

The game features customizable weapons, clothes, and characters. You can even create your weapons by combining them with different parts. As for clothes, there are many different ones for you to choose from.

Zombie vs. Plant Mod Unlimited Coins and Diamonds)

Zombie vs. Plant Mod apk gives you the chance to get a lot of coins and diamonds, almost all kinds of things can be upgraded by using these two kinds of items. When you first enter the Zombie mod apk, it will give you 100 diamonds as a gift, you can use them when necessary. Diamonds are used as currency in this game, they can be used to buy other kinds of plants or upgrade your weapons or armor. Coins are used to feed your plants and upgrade your weapons and armor.

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Plants vs. Zombies 2 Mod Apk

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Mod Apk is the updated version of the game app that has been released on Android and iOS platforms. Plants vs. Zombies 2 Mod Apk is a fun game app that is liked by most people and it is available free of cost. All these plants have different abilities that will help you kill all the zombies easily without any hassle at all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which devices are supported by this mod?

Zombie vs plants heroes is designed only for Android 4.4 and above phones and tablets.

Is Plants Vs Zombies Heroes Mod APK legal?

Yes, Plants vs Zombies Heroes is 100% legal to download and play.

How do I download Plants vs Zombies Heroes Mod APK?

It’s easy! Just click the link at the top of this page and your download will begin immediately!

Do I need to root my phone or install any other software on my Android device?

No, you do NOT need to root your phone or install any other software to be able to play Plants vs Zombies Heroes with the mod installed.

How do I uninstall PvP Heroes Mod APK?

To uninstall the mod just delete the mod apk from your device once you’re done playing it! It’s that simple!

Will this work on any Android device?

Of course! The mod will work on 99% of all Android devices out there so you shouldn’t have

What languages do Plants vs Zombies Heroes support?

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The game is currently supported in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Japanese, and Korean. The text can be changed in Options under the ‘Language’ tab.

I’m stuck on a mission! How do I beat it?

We’ve put together several useful guides that should help get you through any mission:

I can’t see some of my cards. What’s going on?

You may have accidentally hidden some of your cards by tapping on them too many times. To unhide them go back to your deck and hit the “Unhide All Cards” button at the top right-hand corner.


Zombie vs. plant mod apk is a turn-based card strategy game with a combination of genres such as tower defense, collectibles, RPG, and CCG. In the game, players will build their deck, hire heroes and mercenaries, and challenge dangerous enemies in various story modes and PVE modes.