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You might have heard about GB WhatsApp Business APK Download benefits and all the perks of having this reshaped version. But you must not have heard about the GB WhatsApp Pro Business, that is another milestone in the cosmos of modified apps.

Since WhatsApp has occupied the top-notch position as the highest-grossing social app, there is no need to elaborate on its functionality. Almost all smartphones have adorned their launchers with this dignified messenger.

The point, meanwhile, is that there are two official variants of this app: business and simple. Initially, there used to be a modified (GB) version for simple WhatsApp; luckily now the same is available for WhatsApp business.

Features of GB WhatsApp Business APK

The functionality of this professional app can be understood through the following traits:

  • GB WhatsApp Business Gold backs the latest and super useful “auto-reply” feature. This feature emancipates you from the pressure of replying to all the messages of your customers. All you have to do is to put some bots as the input, and there will be output to amaze you.
  • Although fonts are characteristics of the devices, which can only be altered by altering the device’s hardware, WhatsApp is going to alter them. A wide range of in-app fonts will assist you in bragging amongst your friends.
  • If your device backs the fingerprint sensor, then we expect that this reshaped WhatsApp will not cause any impediment. With full potential and unlocked efficiency, this feature is quite exhilarating.
  • The same old vertical list of contacts has become obsolete and has been replaced by a captivating sequence of contacts that will help you grow your business circle.
  • Call screens are generally dark with no aesthetics. Contrarily, get GB WhatsApp Download and adorn your call screen with hundreds of cohesive elements to add some glory to your calling experience.
  • Create a border among different chats and decide which chats to keep visible and which to hide. Add some appealing wallpaper on this screen too.
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GB WhatsApp Business APK

  • Benefit yourself with the header feature, as a round-shaped header appears on the screen, if somebody messages you on FB messenger. The same feature is now available in this luring app too.
  • Apart from that green color and the artless theme, there are plenty of options to appease your eyes and add icing on the cake of your messaging app.
  • The old days of updating 30 seconds of status are gone; upload up to 5 minutes of statuses. Besides, the quality of the videos you upload is neither compromised nor lowered.
  • Neither antivirus nor cleaning apps are needed to free up junk or retarded files. Because there is an in-app cleaner that promptly devours all the unwanted junk.
  • If you do not aspire to let others know about your WhatsApp, then there is a way to alter the app icon.
  • Ticks fell into disuse very early and now they are not liked. Alternatively, you can use dots (red and green dots) or star signs to identify whether your message has been read or not.
  • From hiding notifications to altering the whole notification bar, everything happens with a single snap. So, simply snap and wait for the abracadabra.
  • Staying online is inevitable for businesses, and it is almost impossible to stay online always. However, if you grab GB WhatsApp 4G download, then you will be able to turn the impossible, possible.
  • Engender and exchange GIFs within your business domain and control others to send you such sort of stuff.
  • Have complete control over the voice notes and all the audio clips in your business community. The same goes for the videos, which will be staunchly under your command.
  • Tailor your privacy according to your standard, since everyone has his/her criteria of being private. Decide whether to let them see you online or not.
  • Now, there is no need to ask your fellow businesses to send you their status updates. You can simply hit the arrow icon and save it to your device.
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Tools in GB WhatsApp Business Download

There are two elements in business, which are deemed to be the backbones: responsiveness and presence. If any business has achieved these two traits, the success of that business is guaranteed.

Modified apps are meant to help you sustain these two qualities. So, if you get any mod like FM WhatsApp Business APK Download, then you will find the following tools.

Also, download 


This simple tool in this messaging app is simple, yet extremely useful. As the title suggests, this tool works when you are on your screen. It lets your client know that your business is temporarily closed.

Instant Response

Through this particular in-app tool, all of your clients will instantly get replies, which are preliminarily prepared instructions.

For instance, if somebody has inquired about any product, it will provide all the necessary information without human effort.

Wrapping Up

Like other modified variants, here comes a remodeled variant for WA Business.

With uncountable captivating features and jaw-dropping tools, businesses can flourish dramatically, if they only get “GB WhatsApp Business APK.

From replying spontaneously to enhancing the products’ descriptions, this eye-catching application is nothing less than a boon.

FAQs about WhatsApp Business Plus APK Download

  1. What is the purpose of GB WhatsApp Business?

Getting this version might intrigue you about the purpose of this app. Well, there is no rocket science in this, as it is meant solely to boost your sales and client handling. Besides, it enables the businesses to stand out from their competitors.

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2. Is it possible to have two GB WA accounts simultaneously?

Yes, it is quite feasible to grab these two accounts simultaneously. Initially, it was not feasible, but the perks of getting this business version have allowed everyone to use two accounts at one time. Surprisingly, both of them will be utilized in the modified apps.

3. How to download this epic variant from Meta?

The downloading process of this premium variant is somewhat different from the common version. If you type “GB WhatsApp Business Download” in your browser, you might find a simpler version. Therefore, you need to visit this site and get the APK file from here.