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9 Nov 2023
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DM WhatsApp APK is a mod, meant to modify all the currently available features and incorporate some new features. As a result, we get to download this excellent messaging tool that works like WhatsApp but is not common at all. Plus exclusive DM features will make you think why did not you download the DM WhatsApp APK earlier?

About DM WhatsApp

Since there is no doubt that WhatsApp has dominated the world of communication thoroughly. From Antarctica to Asia, no smartphone seems to be void of it, and therefore its mods keep trending. There are several mods like FM WhatsApp, PM WhatsApp, TM WhatsApp, etc. Every mod has its own jaw-dropping wonders and is used for multifaceted purposes. However, the leading mode is DM WhatsApp owing to its darker and deeper traits.

The working of this mod is not different from that original once-glorious WhatsApp. Initially, it was quite an efficient app but with the passage of time, it turned out to be problematic. Therefore, to solve those problems DM WhatsApp Update shows up and gives a promising experience that users love. This superb experience can be witnessed through the features, described ahead.

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Why DM WhatsApp?

One should install this mod because it has a lot of benefits like the following:

700 MB of Videos

There is no app on this earth that lets you share a high-quality video of 700 MB as smoothly as DM WhatsApp. Shocked? Don’t worry because this is just the tip of the iceberg because you can witness a lot more. For instance you can share full-length movies too and make a living through it.

Soothing Black Visuals

Dark modes are available in almost all the mods, but what this special mod offers, is different. Instead of turning everything black, the soothing black visuals of this mod can be applied selectively. For example if you can turn your fonts dark without changing the background and vice versa.

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No Referring Tags

Usually, when you forward someone’s message, the recipient immediately understands that you have forwarded it. The reason is that there is a small tag on that message that shows it all. Therefore, in DM WhatsApp, there is a feature known as “anti-forward” that does not allow such tags.

Superb Built-in Plugins

Plugins are even though subtle yet they are considered to be the soul of any software. In this mod, you will find a plethora of plugins like Twitter plugin, Preferences plugin, and Theme Store plugin. To one’s wonder, these plugins are characteristically available only in this darker yet finer mod.

Artless & Easy to Use

Comparing this messaging app with its counterparts lets us know that this is the easiest app with the simplest interface. Its counterparts like Viber, Telegram, Messenger, etc. are somewhat complex and demand a lot of credentials to get you registered.

Call across 180 Countries

Out of 195 countries, 180 countries showed green-light to Meta and allowed the smooth calls among the members. So this is the best time to say goodbye to overly expensive international calls and join DMWhatsApp. Surprisingly, the calls are not only restricted to audio calls but face time is also accessible.

Multiple Sharing Formats

Sharing is of course caring but the sharing in this mod is somewhat different. There is no one way to share your data here, so get ready to transfer your data in multiple formats. Ranging from common audio/video to highly complex slideshow files, there are multiple formats sharing formats.

Engage Beyond Your Contacts

At times we go to temporary places like a computer shop or a coffee shop and they ask us to send files on their WhatsApp number. Instead of saving their number to the contacts and then sending through WhatsApp, now you can easily send messages in DMWA without saving their contact number.

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Exchange Location Instantly!

Now there is no need to open the map to share your location, because a few taps in DMWhatsApp are adequate. In addition to sharing this location, you can easily change your location too by enabling the in-app VPN that instantly changes your location to your desired country.

Highly-Classified Messages

The end-to-end encryption system of this mod ensures your privacy by sending highly classified messages. The process is simple but extremely secured, as it goes through two steps. Any message you send, converts into symbols like “#$^&*!” reverts into the message when it is received.

Let the World Know!

Psychology says that happiness can only be relished if you share your happy moments with others. Without sharing your happy moments, you cannot truly enjoy them and therefore you can now let the world know. This is done in the form of status updates where you can share your exhilarating moments.

8 Callers Simultaneously

Since the invention of the telephone, people have making calls and these calls have been bipolar. In other words, two people were involved in these calls but now the situation is different with DMWA. Because, this backs the calls of more or less 8 persons simultaneously without disrupting the quality.

Phone Number is Adequate

Generally, social apps demand you to put email address, birthday, full name, country, city, etc. to set up your account. On the other hand, this modified messenger is at your disposal to create your account without anything. All you need is a phone number and a four-digit code to verify to your identification.

Put a Star on the Messages

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Finding a specific message in the long group chat is perhaps the hardest thing. Unfortunately, we all have to do this hard job at least once in our social life. The developers of this dark messaging app took this problem into account and made a feature of starring messages to filter your required messages.

Other Mod Features

• A customized lock is available in various ways: pattern, pin, password, and fingerprint.
• Mini tools for making changes like fonts, notifications, etc. are also available here.
• Cut the stream of internet connection with the help of in-app flight mode of DMWA.
• No need to ask them to send their status since you can save the status in DMWhatsApp.
• Within 24 hours, you can remove anything whether you have sent or received in DM.


In the lousy world of mods, this dark WhatsApp stands tall due to its benefits like easy usage, useful plugins, classified messages, high-quality media exchange, black visuals, etc. Apart from these features, there are some minor features like stylish fonts, flight mode, and some other. To fully avail these advantages, you must download this mod and bid adieu to the common one.

FAQs about DM Gold WhatsApp

Q. What does DM stand for, in the title of this mod?

DM stands for dark messaging in the title of this mod. Basically, the dark theme of this mod is quite engaging and therefore named as DM.

Q. Are there additional charges to avail DM Gold WhatsApp update?

Once you have availed the main file of the mod, then all the updates will be available free of charges. Even the gold-oriented mod of WhatsApp does not demand a single buck.

Q. Can I use it without installing the app?

DM WhatsApp Web is available to let you relish the modified features through your browser without installing the app.