How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically: A Step-by-step Guide

How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically? An ancient Chinese proverb suggests that the journey of thousands of miles commences with the initial step. It means the initial step is the only part where most of us suck. So is the case on Instagram; getting initial followers is next to impossible.

So, what should be done? Should you follow every unknown guy just to enhance the number of your followers? Or should you just wait for Aladdin’s Genie to accumulate followers for you? How to get followers on Instagram without following others?

Well, if you need answers to such questions, then tighten your seat belt. Because, in this guide, you will learn how to get quick followers on Instagram.

How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically 2023?

Amongst all the algorithms of social apps, Instagram’s algorithm is the most sophisticated one. The odds of propagating unrelated and strange reels on your screen are next to none. With dynamic and ever-changing content, it does not let 1.35 billion users down.


Nevertheless, growing on this highly competitive algorithm might shake your brain fluids and stir up your nerves. Therefore, we have engendered some easy steps to grab followers organically. Instagram mod apk if you like then also given.

Describe and Attract

Whether you are uploading a picture or a reel, being a creator, you must write captions. Now there are multiple ways to put captions and what you have to do is to describe the thing you have uploaded. This will engage the attention and once you have tamed their attention, your profile will be suggested to others.

Think like Your Target Audience

The protagonist of your story is not you, rather it is that random guy living thousands of miles away from you. Instead of what you like, you will have to publish what your target audience wants to see. Therefore, you will have to think like them and decide what to publish and what not.

Influence through Influencers!

To shatter the system, one has to become part of the system. Akin to this, if you aspire to beat your competitors, first you will need to shake hands with them. This can be done by creating collaborative content, structuring bonds with other influencers, and getting paid shoutouts. In this way, you will be able to influence and get new followers.

A Systematic Content Calendar

They say that if you have failed in planning, you have planned for your failure. Planning is of cardinal importance in everything, specifically if you want to grow Instagram followers organically. Therefore, plan accordingly and select more or less 3 days of a week to update content.

Create a Bond via Emails

There are tons of examples when Instagram banned running accounts by charging them with violations of the policies. You can also be a victim of this, as beginners are always vulnerable to the rules and regulations.  Therefore, you had better create your secondary bond via email, where you could send them cold emails.

Stick Your Nose into Competitors’ Posts

You need to see what your competitors are talking about and what they are publishing. This will demand you to indulge in their comment sections. So, ensure your presence by replying to and asking questions regarding different terms.

Adorn The Profile With Highlights

There is a specific feature on Instagram named “highlights.” These round-shaped stories are stored and displayed on your screen. In this way, they are the first introduction of yours; whosoever visits your profile stumbles upon them. Leave no stone unturned to make them perfect.

Games And Contests

If you are wondering how to grow Instagram followers organically for free, then games and contests can help you figure out the answer. When a newbie holds a game competition, people watch the game instead of the person. This can help someone to gain followers.

Tame The Hashtags

If I were to rate things in order of importance, hashtag is the only thing that would have maintained the top position. Because they are guaranteed and proven ways of getting your post or profile viral. You must be mindful of these two points before using hashtags:

  • Firstly, keep in mind that the hashtag with a higher search volume has higher competition too. So, make sure you are using less competitive hashtags.
  • Secondly, the hashtag you are using should be generic and related to your niche. In this way, those who are unaware of your name will be able to find you by searching your niche.

Benefits of Organic Followers on Instagram

Whether these are food items on your table or the followers on your IG account, if they are organic, they are beneficial. Out of a slew of benefits, these are some of the finest benefits:

  • Cultivate Eternal Bonds: Unlike artificial followers, the organic fan following cultivates eternal bonds. They are loyal as well as loving so that you will enjoy and feel the real magic of fans’ favors and sympathies.
  • Safe Account: Neither malware nor hackers will wander around your profile if you have an organic fan following. In this way, your account is 100% safe and sound.
  • Trustworthy Status: Among the list of influencers, you will surely stand apart owing to your trustworthy status. Those who create their followers by any illegal means cannot relish this trustworthy status.
  • Secured Future: Stay careless and sleep calmly, as your future as well as the future of your account is safe and secure. Organic followers will not permit anyone to hurt you.
  • Free of Cost Fame: Followers are a means of making you famous. For this fame, others might be paying, but you will not have to pay anything.


From questions like “How to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes” to “How to grow IG” the answer is simple and clear. That answer is to abide by the algorithm; and strictly follow whatever it says. Utilize hashtags, describe posts, reply to the comments, and take many more such actions.

FAQs about Instagram Followers Growth

  1. Can I abandon following these rules after gaining followers on IG?

Sustaining the followers is far more grudging than grabbing them. So, there is no way that you will abandon using these rules because your profile can end up in oblivion.

  1. How to gain followers on Instagram fast for free?

To gain followers, you need to interact with other influencers; use hashtags and descriptions; hold contests and games; optimize your profile; set a content calendar, etcetera.

  1. Is there any shortcut to get IG followers instantly?

There is an illicit way to get followers and that is through online sites. Some sites sell followers through different packages. These followers are dormant and useless even though. They can neither interact nor like your videos.